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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Introducing: The Ambitious Entrepreneur Behind Custom Nail Solutions

Katie Saxton

Former real estate agent Katie Saxton revolutionized the nail care industry by launching everlasting artificial nails custom-fit to only the wearer

We all love an inspiring entrepreneur success story because they prove that anything is possible with a little motivation and ambition. Just ask Katie Saxton, President of Custom Nail Solutions – she revolutionized the $6.7 billion artificial nail beauty industry by introducing the world to her Custom Nail Solutions kits that give women the first-ever custom-fit and everlasting artificial nails. Pioneering a truly one-of-a-kind nail care product is almost unheard of in today’s beauty industry, and Katie Saxton did just that!

Katie wasn’t always involved in the nail care products. In the mid ‘80s, she received a Fashion Merchandising Degree from Lowthian School of Design in Minneapolis, Minnesota and became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. In this position, she developed a love and gift for selling and even got to personally meet beauty mogul Mary Kay at an event; an experience that inspired her to also rise up and take the beauty industry by storm. After later building a prosperous real estate career, Katie and her husband met with a cosmetic dentist who invented the revolutionary technology of creating custom-fit nails from dental putty-made nail impressions. In this meeting, the nail industry game-changer Custom Nail Solutions was born.

What made Custom Nail Solutions’ custom-fit artificial nails so unique was that unlike salon-made acrylics and gel nails, they were beautiful, non-chipping, re-usable, natural-looking, resistant to staining, and everlasting. You would not have to make countless inconvenient and expensive trips to the salon to keep your artificial nails in tip-top shape; Custom Nail Solutions nails could be easily taken off and reapplied in the comfort of your home. The custom-fit nails could also be decorated with any brand or color nail polish, nail wraps, and nail stickers without the risk of staining, unlike acrylics and gel nails. So…how DID Katie Saxton bring this innovative and revolutionary nail care product to the world and into the hands of countless happy customers?

Katie founded the brand and company Custom Nail Solutions as the marketing and distribution channel for the kits. Custom Nail Solutions kit is currently available through the company’s website, CustomNailSolutions.com, as well as beauty stores and salons. She also utilized her design degree by designing the kit’s packaging and logo, as well as the look of the Custom Nail Solutions website. She took control of designing these aspects, because she wanted to craft a special look that would make women feel unique and elegant. In addition to these steps in bringing Custom Nail Solutions to life, Katie also acts as the company’s lead spokeswoman and helped introduce the product to the world by working closely with Hopkins, Minnesota-based public relations agency Hollywood Connections PR.

Through her hard work and high involvement in the kits’ public relations efforts, Custom Nail Solutions has gained massive exposure and publicity. Katie and the kits have been featured on many beauty and lifestyle media outlets, including The Today Show, WGN, Yahoo Shine, AOL, She Knows, Hollywood Weekly, Elle, Teen Vogue, All You, Real Style Network, Sophisticated Hair Style Guide, Beauty Store Business, Nail Pro News. Katie has also built a strong reputation as a top nail care expert, and she regularly blogs about nail maintenance and trends via her Custom Nail Solutions blog.

All of Katie’s efforts have helped Custom Nail Solutions sell $150,000 worth of kits in the past 18 months alone, and the company is even projected to have an estimated value of $400 million in just 6 years. There have also been new developments in the kits, as there are now two options: a standard impression system and one set of custom-fit nails for one payment of $129.95 (or 4 easy payments of $49.99) and a Diamond package featuring an impression system and two sets of custom-fit nails for $320 (or 4 easy payments of $79.99). Custom Nail Solutions kits are available nationwide via their website and by calling toll free at 877-218-7788. You can also “like” Custom Nail Solutions on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter (@customnails) and Pinterest.

Katie Saxton, the avant-garde entrepreneur behind Custom Nail Solutions is a true innovator who successfully changed the nail care industry forever. Her inspirational success story is sure to strike a chord and be of interest to so many people.

Press release provided by: Hollywood Connections PR
Photo credit: Hollywood Connections PR


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