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Friday, October 14, 2016

[GUEST STORY] Handpicked Fall 2016 Shoe Trends for Every Girl

Today's story is a guest post by fashion blogger Suzy Walsh, author of the blog The House of Elegance Fashion. Please help us welcome Suzy on our blog, and we hope you'll enjoy the story!


Every season, we have a fresh lease of trends and ideas, which are inspired from the past and promise to define the future of fashion. If you are someone like me, you probably take a look at the top trends and create statements of your own. That’s what fashion should be. It is about getting inspired and trying new ideas from the runways. After all, you have to interpret and create a style statement that’s extremely personal to you. To make that simple, we have enlisted the best handpicked trends from fall 2016. In short, these are the three most wearable trends worth trying.
Back to block: Let’s start with the first trend of the season, which is block heels. There was a time when stilettos ruled the ramp and beyond. Women would do anything and everything to own that one pair of high end heels, which is more like a classic for parties, events and even office. Thankfully, we now have flatforms, platforms and block heels as smart replacements. Fall 2016 mainly had block heels that created an instant impression, balancing style and comfort. Just add a pair of trousers, a nice top, and you can carry off your block heels sans any fashion misses. For amazing tights and tops, click here.
Stylish girl: Everyone loves that extra bit of element in their shoes, and that’s where you can get those amazing pairs that boast of embroidery, sequins, jewellery influences and much more. A lot of designers worked with the stylish ideas, adding more uniqueness even to the daily pairs we know. Such shoes look best when teamed with casual clothing, and if you have purchased something upscale, you can choose to store that for the next happening party. There are many options in embellished and decked up shoes on online stores, so you don’t need to spend a fortune.
Velvet for me: Well, velvet is easily the most picked and used material of the season, and it has been seen in clothing and accessories of fall 2016, as well. What’s great about velvet is the fact that you can experiment with minimalistic designs and extreme ideas at the same time. If you want your shoes to get all the attention, just choose a knee high pair of boots and team it with something low key to maintain a balance. Velvet shoes also look good when you choose a simpler but lush colour, and hence, it all depends on your personal tastes and preference.
Finally, before we leave, we would like to bring attention to mules, which were quite news on the runways. If you like simple slip-in shoes, this is the best bet you have in terms of comfort. Until we meet again, stay in style and keep the smile on!

Photo credit: Popsugar.com/fashion

About the author
Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and the chief editor for The House Of Elegance Fashion – a fast growing fashion blog. She is known for her amazing sense of writing about fashion trends and rules with the perspective of a commoner.


  1. Great choies dear, I love it. ☺

    Giveaway on my blog : IvaFashionDiary

  2. what a lovely post my dear
    the shoes are amazing
    simply love it!

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  3. Fantastic choice,especially block heels looks amazing :)

  4. Hey, the choice looks very interesting. To be honest, I wouldn't wear that kind of shoes, haha. They're a bit "too" special for me, but some people combine such pairs in a really cool way. Have a nice day. :)

  5. well.. so original :) i like the last one! maybe if u want we can follow each other... let me know! xo

  6. Those shoes look very interesting although they're not my style :P


  7. Thank you everyone for your comments, I'm glad you liked the guest post.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. Huhu! Awesome shoes! Really amazing! I have to go to shop some new clothes! :D :D thanks for your post and best wishes from 4 sterne s hotel österreich ( http://www.hotel-tannenhof.at )....Maria;)

  9. Nice choices. I like how creative the second pair is. :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  10. Thank you all for visiting, appreciate your comments.
    Have a great week ahead everyone!

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