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Saturday, March 03, 2018

Fashion Books from DK Publishing

In today's story I would like to write about two lovely books from DK Publishing that I have had the pleasure to read and browse through a while ago, The Fashion Book and Ultimate Factivity Collection Fashion.
"The Fashion Book" -- DK Publishing
In a way, this book tells us the history of fashion -- where fashion came from, where it is now, and where it will go forward. The idea behind this book is to reveal the mystery of how modern fashion works and to show the readers all the things that have been brought forward from the past, because those things work so well. It's a look book of styles borrowed form the past and recycled, restyled and reinvented for today. It explains where many of the things we wear first came from -- not just vintage, some of them are thousands of years old. It's a gorgeous style guide for those who want to discover the stories behind their favorite looks, create their own style and learn more about the fashion world.

The book covers all major fashion eras, starting with the ancient times, continuing with medieval times, then Elizabethan era and Renaissance, Queen Marie Antoinette's influence on the fashion world of the 18th century, the romantic era of the 19th century, the Victorian times, the flapper dresses of the twenties, all fashionable decades of the 20th century, and up until the Grunge style of the nineties. When looking back at each of these fashion eras on the pages of the book, we find bits of history of styles that were fashionable then and how it inspired the fashion world today. We learn from the pages of the book why it made sense to wear those styles in those times, and how we can create looks for our own wardrobes inspired by the past.
For instance, this layout in the book tells us about styles that were fashionable in the fifties, and how we can create outfits inspired by those styles today
The Grunge style of the nineties, and how we can use it as an inspiration for our wardrobes today
The Fashion Book is packed with stunning images and beautiful pictures of fashion's biggest trends and hidden secrets to teach us all there is to know about fashion. Through amazing features and illustrations readers will discover a unique look at fashion revealing how modern-day styles are created from street and catwalk trends, as well as cool looks from the past. The book shows scenes of the exclusive fashion world where style icons, designers and top models share practical tips, trivia and secrets of the industry, from the rules of the front row to a day in the life of a catwalk model.
Audrey Hepburn had a timeless style which still can inspire our wardrobes today
The book is addressed to younger readers, but I also enjoyed reading it, even if I am not a teenager or a twenty-something. My favorite part of the book was looking through the history of fashion and learning a little bit more about how fashion evolved throughout centuries, starting with the ancient world up until modern days. The book is concluded with an illustrated glossary of fashion concepts (it was a very fun read indeed) as well as a designer directory -- a list of most influential fashion designers, with a short paragraph about each of them and what was their major contribution to the fashion world.

The other book from DK Publishing that I wanted to share with you today is Ultimate Factivity Collection Fashion.
"Ultimate Factivity Collection Fashion" -- DK Publishing
It's a book addressed to teenagers, but I enjoyed browsing through it. The book is packed with puzzles, games, doodles and over 500 stickers to accompany amazing facts and information. It will help teenage readers develop their creativity and their own fashion style with all fun activities included in the book, like drawing and coloring outfits, taking fashion quizzes, playing with stickers to design fashionable outfits, learning about history of fashion and about different styles in different eras, and so on.

Both books are available on DK.com and Amazon.

Photo credit: DK Publishing


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