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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Karate Tournament in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

My son Alex is a karate student, he is 9 years old, he has been doing karate since he was 7, and currently he holds a blue belt in karate which is about half-way toward the black belt in karate. He participated in a friendship karate tournament this past May, and he got the 4th place in the tournament, as well as his first medal in karate. I was really proud of him. ­čśŐ This was his second karate tournament that he has ever participated at. The first one was last year in June, in Windsor (a Canadian city in the South of Canada, close to the border with the United States), at that time he had a green belt in karate which is the previous belt before the blue belt; but at that tournament he didn't get a medal and he was disappointed. So this time, when he got his first medal in karate at the tournament in Burlington, it was a really great experience for him.
Alex at the karate tournament in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, May 2019
Alex practicing with his Sensei before the karate tournament started
Alex during the karate tournament
Alex during the karate tournament
Alex receiving his first medal at the karate tournament
During the karate tournament in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, May 2019
Photo credit: Victoria West


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