Friday, April 27, 2012

Lavilin Foot Products for Summer

Lavilin, a line from Israel and an international innovator in the field of natural based, active cosmeceuticals, created by Dr. Hlavin, is imported to Canada by Hersko Co. The brand has recently launched here in Canada, for the first time, Lavilin natural based foot care treatments for this summer. These foot treatments have been developed in a para-pharmaceutical level, which is one step above cosmeceuticals because of the level of active ingredients found within the products. Lavilin natural based foot treatments will make you get sandal ready in 7 days without the cost of the spa.

We’re moving into sandal ready weather and with that we all start to pay close attention to our little tootsies that have been wrapped up all winter long. Hoards of men and women invade salons, spas and local mani-pedi spots to beautify and polish their feet so they are sandal ready. But with Lavilin, there is no need to go to spa anymore.

Lavilin natural based foot treatments work within 7 days so you don’t have to spend time or money going to get a pedicure. Those with diabetes have to be careful not to expose themselves to potential infection, skin breaks, and other foot damage from pedicures; and for that reason these foot care solutions have also been clinically tested and certified for diabetics.

Lavilin natural based foot treatments are at home solutions for the problems of dry cracked foot skin. They soften feet without harmful side effects, stimulate healthy cell renewal and eliminate cracked, fissured skin.

Lavilin natural based foot care treatments are all based on Pine Sylvestris Extract, a natural therapeutic ingredient that helps to:

***Clean and revitalize the skin and inhibit the growth of bacteria;
***Treat foot ailments, cuts, irritation, itching and skin infections;
***Stimulate blood flow and consequently;
***Facilitate healing and recovery from various skin problems.

Lavilin natural based foot treatments have also the following effects:

***Remove and disinfect hard, dry skin;
***Hydrate and nourish the feet;
***Prevent the recurrence of foot skin irregularities with long-lasting results.

Lavilin natural based foot treatment line consists of:

Lavilin foot repair emulsion

Lavilin foot moisturizing gel

Lavilin foot softening cream

Lavilin foot deodorant cream, lasts up to 7 days

Lavilin shoe deodorant

Lavilin pure foot repair emulsion

Lavilin pure foot deodorant, lasts up to 72 hours

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