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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Perfect Nails for Prom from Custom Nail Solutions

Prom, graduation or just slumber party fun, Custom Nail Solutions has got your nails covered

Prom, graduation and other special spring/summer occasions are just around the corner and every girl wants to look her very best. This year while you’re making all your springtime appointments, don’t forget about your nails! Custom Nail Solutions has an easy, chip-resistant solution that will keep your nails looking beautiful for every special occasion. With graduation, days at the beach and romantic summer nights looming on the horizon, you’ll feel extra special with nails made especially for you by Custom Nail Solutions.

Let your nails shine with custom-made, chip-proof nails from Custom Nail Solutions

Prom and graduation are two of the biggest events of a teenage girl’s life. She wants to make sure she looks her best from head to toes to fingernails. Of course, she’ll want those nails to look good for graduation parties, slumber parties, and romantic dates as well. Well-manicured nails can make a strong statement and Custom Nail Solutions has the answer.

Custom Nail Solutions nails are unique to each individual. This innovative system is easy-to-use, will give you natural looking nails that are custom made to fit only your nail beds, and will withstand the day and beyond without chipping, cracking or heaven forbid, falling off. They are beautiful, hassle-free, damage-free nails.

The revolutionary concept of these nails was invented by a cosmetic dentist. The nails are custom fit from a personal impression, using dental putty, taken from each client’s individual nail beds which are as unique as your fingerprint. They will fit no one in the world but her. This patented, revolutionary nail product is sweeping the country with excitement and reinventing how women achieve nail beauty.

Custom Nail Solutions nails are made of an indestructible, high impact thermo-plastic guaranteed to never chip, break, crack or change shape. They are removable, reusable and will last your lifetime. No more harsh grindings and filings exposing yourself to harmful chemicals. You’re not tied to regular visits spending hours at a salon.

Custom Nail Solutions offers a truly customizable approach, allowing you to choose the nail length (Sport, Active, Fashion or Glamour ranging from 3-8mm beyond the end of your natural nail), the smile line (Classic or Deep) and shape (Oval or Square). Designs included French tipped or solid pink.

The Impression System and one Set of Custom-Fit Nails (package) retails for $139.95 and comes with 10 finger trays, 2 spoons, 1 yellow impression material, 1 white impression material, instruction sheet, as well as your beautiful complete Custom Nails and maintenance system. Orders can be placed online at www.customnailsolutions.com or by calling toll free at 877-218-7788.

Custom Nail Solutions is perfect for active teens who still want their nails to look beautiful and healthy. They can withstand days at the beach or an impromptu softball game. So star with looking good for Prom, and then look great all summer!

Press release provided by: Hollywood Connections PR
Photo Credit: Hollywood Connections PR


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