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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Unboxing – Topbox Beauty Box, September

In today’s story I am unboxing the September beauty box, that I started to subscribe to with Topbox Canada this past August (see the August unboxing story here). Last month I got about four beauty products and a couple of coupons, however I haven’t used them all yet. I’ve used the Elizabeth Arden cleansing pads (which are great, I loved them) and I used my brow waxing coupon. I had my brows waxed and shaped at a Caryl Baker Visage salon in my area, and the girl from there did a really great job, I was thrilled. But I still didn’t make time to use the Joico hair product, the Smashbox foundation primer and the Manna Kadar bronzer, and that’s because I still have similar types of beauty products that I currently use, so I was in no hurry to try these. But I will get to them eventually. Also, my August box had a coupon for Mereadesso beauty products which I didn’t use, because I didn’t make any plans to buy any Mereadesso products, but maybe I will, or give that coupon to a friend.

I got my September beauty box in the mail a few days ago, and I was really thrilled to discover this month’s surprise. When the mail came, this was the package that I got, bigger than last month.
Then I opened the package, and this is what I found inside – a Unilever box, a cylinder (like the one from last month), and a Make Up For Ever coupon (valid until October 15th).
Then I opened the Unilever box.
I took out the content, and I found that there are 10 beauty products in my Unilever box.
Degree anti-perspirant body spray;
St. Ives apricot face scrub;
Vaseline lip balm;
Vaseline lotion for dry skin (I think I’ll use it for my hands this winter, because the skin on my hands tends to get very dry during the cold season);
Simple cleansing facial wipes;
Dove nourishing body wash;
TRESemme hair spray;
Nexxus hairspray;
Nexxus shampoo;
Nexxus conditioner.

Then I proceeded to opening the cylinder – what I found inside was a package wrapped in purple tissue paper and a coupon for Origins products (which I may or may not use, I’ll see).
I unwrapped the purple package and this is what I found inside.
B Spa Bon Vital body lotion;
Gorge leave in conditioning hair spray;
Joico temporary color hair spray (fiery coral);
Origins charcoal face mask to clear pores.

I didn’t have time to try and use all of them yet, only a few of them, specifically the Simple facial wipes, the St. Ives apricot face scrub, the Dove nourishing body wash, and all three are great, I love them. I’ll make time to try and test the other ones in the following days too.
I’m really excited about this month’s beauty box, it’s way more than I expected I would get, and I can’s wait to try all the other products that I haven’t tried yet. My monthly box from Topbox is only $13, so it’s a real bargain.

Have you tried any of these products? Any of them among your favorites?

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Photo credit: Victoria West


  1. Great items.I use Vaseline for hands too and this little,cute HD caught me.Looks like great pigmentation.

  2. Wow! Great box! We have many products are called differently, but I recognize familiar packaging))

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