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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Review: Online Stationery from Paperless Post

I am an avid lover and user of stationery. I love paper and anything paper, but beyond paper itself, I love that it helps you send the message of love to your dear ones, when you want them to know how much they mean to you. I used to love writing and sending hand-written letters to my friends by mail in the pre-internet days. I still love writing and sending out handwritten cards to my friends and family for holidays. I am a long time journaler and I have been journaling on paper for decades, a habit that I still keep today, even though I also spend quite a lot of my time online, including writing this blog. My home office is a haven of stationery -- greeting cards for all possible occasions, envelopes of all sizes and for all purposes, notebooks for my journaling, pens, paper, wrapping gift stationery, and anything else in between.

But besides paper stationery, online stationery is also available to us in an array of options. It is the internet era after all, isn't it? Just like any other aspect of our lives, when we went from analog to digital in everything over the last generation, the world of stationery has done the same -- going from analog to digital, from paper to paperless.

Recently I discovered a wonderful source of digital (aka paperless) stationery, Paperless Post. It's a website where you can create and design your own stationery, and send the message of love to your friends and family. How does it work? The trading currency on Paperless Post is the coin, which can be purchased on the website, in any desired amount. You have the option of creating and designing your own stationery -- that is cards for any occasions, and you use coins as means of payment to send those cards to your recipients. Free cards that don't require coins are also available on the platform.

You can send out cards from Paperless Post using an array of available designs to create and customize your own stationery, to your liking, for absolutely any occasion. The entire online stationery on Paperless Post is grouped in 7 big categories -- Graduation, Birthday, Wedding, Parties, Professional, Cards with other themes, Flyer. And each of these categories have subcategories with dozens and dozens samples of stationery and cards you can choose from. For instance, under Birthday cards, we can find general birthday cards, birthday cards for her, birthday cards for him, and even belated birthday cards! Under Parties, we can find invitation cards for all types of parties -- dinner parties, cocktail parties, graduation parties, farewell parties, baby showers, baptism parties, first communion, and many-many more.

Another section full of inspiration on Paperless Post is the designer stationery. Paperless Post partner with the world's best designers, fashion houses, lifestyle brands and independent stationers to bring you distinctive designs for any occasion or style. Among the designers and brands who collaborate with Paperless Post to create exquisite online stationery are Kate Spade, Mary Katrantzou, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, Charlotte Olympia, The New Yorker, and others.

I also noticed another exciting section on Paperless Post -- design your own stationery, where you can upload your own designs (photos), an option that allows you to get even more creative!

And for those who still prefer paper stationery like back in the days, Paper Source section on the website is what you need -- greeting cards for all occasions and holidays, craft paper, personalized stationery, gift wrapping, journals, planners, and much more.

I have a certain amount of coins available in my Paperless Post account that I can use to send cards to my dear ones. First time when I accessed the website, I browsed all categories and styles of paperless cards, and I sent a few cards to some of my friends, just to cheer up their day. I loved it! The designing process is very easy to follow, and you can create your perfect card to send to someone dear to you in mere moments. You can create so much beauty on Paperless Post, that my only regret about it is that I didn't know about it sooner! Most certainly I will come back to Paperless Post to create more exquisite online stationery.


  1. Wow this is a great idea!Its still preserve the essence of old fashion writing 'coz you're the who will design and put message to it.

  2. I want to try this..I guess this one is easy to do. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Nice Ideas, thanks for sharing this


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