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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Unboxing – Topbox Beauty Box, May

In today's story I am going to unbox my most recent monthly beauty box from Topbox, the May one. It is also my last monthly beauty box from Topbox, as I decided to discontinue my monthly subscription with Topbox. I have been subscribing to this beauty box for almost two years now, however I feel that I should take a break from it now, and the reason for discontinuing it is the fact that I accumulate too many beauty products in my beauty stash, more than I have time to use.

For instance, I currently use a dry shampoo Wella Professionals that I received in my Topbox beauty box, but I also have two more dry shampoos from Topbox that are still waiting to be used. The case is similar with other types of products -- hand creams, body creams and lotions, face masks, lipsticks, mascaras, nail polishes. Definitely, I have more than enough beauty products for the next few months or even a year, so I shouldn't purchase anymore for now. Maybe sometime later I will come back to this monthly beauty box again (or to another one, who knows), but for the time being I don't feel the need to keep this monthly subscription anymore.

The May box brought me 5 products -- an eye mask, a Clinique makeup remover, a body cream, a Simple cleansing facial wipe, and a loose powder.

And here it is, my May beauty box.
Photo credit: Victoria West
Hydrogel eye mask
Pop on the activated charcoal eye mask to de-puff, detox and get back to your shiny, gorgeous self.
$29, available at Blaq.co

Take The Day Off™ makeup remover for lids, lashes and lips
Dissolves and "lifts away" long-wearing makeup, even waterproof mascara. Non-irritating, non-stinging.
30 ml, made in UK, available at Clinique.ca

Delectable Cake Beauty
Triple citrus blend body butter cream
The best body butter to hydrate and moisturize ultra dehydrated skin driven by shea butter to nourish dry skin and smooth out flaky skin rich in delectable antioxidants via this trio of essential oils.
30 ml, made in Canada, available at CakeBeauty.com

Simple Cleansing facial wipe (one sample) -- I already used this facial wipe, it's great. My beauty box also included a few Simple coupons to save $7 if I purchase 3 skin care products from Simple, which I'll be able to use the end of this year, when I need to refresh by skin care stash.

Nude By Nature
Natural glow loose bronzer
A loose mineral powder bronzer designed to capture the warmth of healthy, sun kissed skin.
$30, made in Australia, available at NudebyNature.ca


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    1. Hi Marta, welcome to my blog if this is your first time here, thank you for your comment and for following. I'll check out your bog as well.
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  3. I so love these products. I want to try these sometime.

  4. Great post dear, its so essential for the face. Love to try these.

  5. I guess cleansing facial wipe is the only one i could use from all of these products. Nice post tho!

  6. Nice beauty box, not really into cosmetics but this is a good gift idea. Thanks!

  7. Great share!women would definitely love these.

  8. interesanta cutiuta, imi plac aceste cutiute, sunt un cadou minunat pentru oricine!

    1. Buna Coco, ma bucur sa te vad si mersi ca ai trecut pe aici. :)


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