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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Noua carte a lui Emily Giffin, in librarii pe 31 iulie 2012


Scriitoarea americana Emily Giffin, autoarea romanelor de mare succes Something Borrowed si Something Blue, ne pregateste o surpriza pe 31 iulie 2012 – lansarea noului sau roman Where We Belong. Initial, publicarea acestei carti a fost programata pentru 2011, dar ulterior data a fost amanata pentru 2012. Where We Belong este cea de-a 6-a carte a scriitoarei.

Iata si alte titluri semnate de Emily Giffin:

Baby Proof
Love the One You’re With
The Heart of the Matter.

Emily Giffin a devenit una din scriitoarele mele preferate. Am citit toate cele 5 romane ale ei publicate pana acum, si sunt nerabdatoare sa o citesc si pe cea noua.

Romanul Something Borrowed/Ceva de imprumut a fost publicat si in romana, la Editura Litera, Colectia Lady. Deocamdata este singura carte a lui Emily Giffin tradusa si publicata in Romania.


  1. thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog!
    i will be having a giveaway this week! hope you'll come by again!
    i don't know your language !!!! :P



    1. Hi M, thank you too for visiting, hope to see you here again. My language is Romanian, but I write articles both in Romanian and English. You can see my English articles under English label, or Categories in English (Fashion, Books, Movies, Events, Giveaway) - have a look for more articles in English.

      Here in this post I was writing about the new book by Emily Giffin, "Where We Belong", due to be released in bookstores on July 31 2012. I've read all the other books by Emily Giffin, she's one of my favorite chick-lit writers, and I'm looking forward to this new book from her as well.

      Have a great week ahead!


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