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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

My First Book, "Bits of Fashion"

My dear friends and readers, I am extremely happy and excited to share some great news with you today -- my first book, Bits of Fashion: Stories, Interviews, Reviews, has just been released. The book was published in September 2013 and it is available on CreateSpace.com, but it also will be available on Amazon in just a few days. It's a collection of fashion essays, articles, interviews and reviews that I have written and published in the past 3 years.

About the book: 

Bits of Fashion: Stories, Interviews, Reviews is the debut book by Canadian fashion writer Victoria West. As the subtitle suggests, the book is a collection of fashion articles and essays; interviews with fashion designers, professionals from the fashion industry, artists; as well as book reviews. It’s a mix of personal fashion experiences and professional media coverage that the author has written and published in the Canadian online media since 2010. If you’re passionate about fashion, Bits of Fashion by Victoria West is a great book to have on the shelves of your personal library or as a coffee table book in your living room.

About the author: 

Victoria West started writing about fashion in Toronto when she founded the blog FashionStyleBeautyandMore.blogspot.com in February 2010. She is also the author of two columns on Examiner.com, one of them dedicated to fashion, and the other one dedicated to book reviews

Originally from Europe, Victoria West has been a resident of Toronto for many years now, where she lives with her husband and son. 

Official website: 

I hope you'll enjoy my book! Feel free to click on the left side image of the book for purchase consideration.

Thank you for all your support!

Photo credit: Victoria West


  1. dupa cum am zis si pe FB, felicitari! :)

  2. Cool! :)


  3. Aw wow Victoria, this is the most wonderful and exciting news! I am so thrilled for you, I can just imagine how terrific the book must be! Well down hun!

  4. I mean well done ;) Always glad to see you stop by...Happy End Of The Week!

    1. Thank you so much Sam, much appreciated. :) It's always great to see you here too.
      Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

    2. And I also have another reason to be excited -- starting tonight I'm on vacation, and I'm going to Cuba this Sunday where I'll spend a week, looking forward to have some great time. :)


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