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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

My dear friends and readers, I would like to take this moment to wish you a wonderful and fabulous 2014 with the best and the greatest it can bring to you and to your loved ones! May all your wishes and resolutions come true, and may this year be a happy one for all of you, no matter what happiness means to each of you!

Happy New Year!

Yours always,
Victoria West

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Swarovski Earrings and Brooches

Although it's still winter and we're in full holiday season, and more than that, we actually had a white Christmas this year (which is a rare appearance in Toronto), the fashion world is already getting ready for the new spring-summer season to come. Swarovski's new collection for Spring-Summer 2014 will be available in stores and online at Swarovski.com in February/March 2014. Among other gorgeous pieces, the new collection from the Austrian fashion house features a superb line of earrings which I would like to show you in today's article.

All the earrings from the new Swarovski collection are pierced earrings, except for one style, Afternoon, which are clip earrings. Swarovski has a tradition of giving names to their new jewelries which start with a particular letter of the alphabet. This season, all the names given to new Swarovski jewelry pieces start with A; and so, the earrings that I want to show you today have also got names with A, except for one style, Stone, which is a remake from a previous Swarovski collection.

The new collection from Swarovski for Spring-Summer 2014 also features two brooches, Alabaster and Area.

Afternoon (clip earrings)
Alabaster brooch
Area brooch
Photo credit: Courtesy of Swarovski

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Viora Beauty Treatments for a Younger Skin

I’m 36. Recently I have started using anti-wrinkle creams on a daily basis as I also have started showing fine lines around my eyes, I hit the gym three times a week and I exercise at home, I watch my diet and my weight, I don’t have sugar in my coffee anymore, and I don’t eat or drink anything that has sugar altogether – no sweets, no ice cream, no candies, no cake, no chocolate, you get the idea. Can you blame me? I want to be, look and feel younger for a longer time. Isn’t that a natural desire for any woman? But of course, it requires sacrifice.

I’ve never considered having any rejuvenation treatments yet, like botox or whatever, mostly because of the invasive character of some of these treatments, but also because it’s only recently when I’ve passed that “mid-thirty” line, when I am further and further from my “twenty-something” age, a time of my life when I felt young and beautiful with absolutely no effort. I still feel young and beautiful, but now I have to put some effort in it, it’s not effortless anymore, at least not for me. Of course it’s not a rule applicable to everyone my age, but in my case this is how it worked out so far. The only beauty treatment with long-time effects that I have ever had was a laser hair removal treatment for my underarms 6 years ago. At that time I had about 5 laser hair removal sessions, then I had a maintenance session every two years or so, and I’ve been happy with my hair removal treatment all this time. I don’t have to worry about such mundane, time consuming and sometimes inconvenient things like shaving, creaming or waxing, and it feels great! One less thing to worry about.

Recently I’ve had an interesting beauty experience, when I was invited to try on a couple of facial rejuvenation treatments offered by Viora (based in Toronto and New York), a market-leading manufacturer and technology provider of light-based and advanced radiofrequency systems, microdermabrasion and electro-mesotherapy for the global aesthetic and medical markets. All of the products are developed by a team of veteran engineers in the industry as well as medical experts including physicians, surgeons, dermatologists, medical research.

The two facial treatments that have been offered to me are called Reaction Skin Tightening (eye treatment) and Infusion (needle free mesotheraphy).

Viora’s Reaction™ treatment offers non-invasive body contouring and cellulite reduction, featuring the new-age CORE™ (Channeling Optimized RF Energy) technology. Only CORE™ delivers three distinct RF treatment modes and a multi-channel mode that incorporates all frequencies, delivering exceptional treatment accuracy and results. Reaction™ is endorsed by leading physicians and dermatologists worldwide.

Infusion treatment is based on a Nobel Prize winning discovery, there is no pain, no downtime and immediate results, you can go out right after the treatment, and it’s perfect for pre-event. This is a pain-free, needle-free substitute to traditional aesthetic procedures and is an alternative to traditional mesotherapy, which involves the injection of medication into the mesoderm, or middle layer of the skin. Infusion revitalizes the skin with topical solutions that penetrate through epidermis layers such as hyaluronic acid (which is a natural substance found in youthful skin).

The issues that Infusion addresses are:
• Skin rejuvenation
• Collagen regeneration
• Lip plumping
• Nasal labial folds and Marionette lines filled
• Plumps fine lines and wrinkles
• Body sculpting and contouring
• Skin tightening for body and face
• Face/neck tightening and firming
• Stretch mark reduction
• Dark circles under eyes
• Bags under the eyes reduced
• Reduction of cellulite

Infusion system uses gentle pulse waves that temporarily open micro channels through the cell membrane, without puncturing it, to bypass the outermost layer of the skin. This technology is all derived from a Nobel Prize winning discovery which helps the solutions penetrate deeply while also maintaining a non-invasive experience.

On the day I had my appointment with Jennifer, a beauty technician from Viora, I had a combined session of these two treatments done for my eye area. First Jennifer did the Reaction treatment for me, and then the Infusion treatment. The two treatments give the best results if done together, as Reaction gives you skin tightening and creates collagen, while Infusion infuses the skin with hyaluronic acid (a substance found in younger skin) which plumps the skin instantly. For a long time effect, it’s better to do it once a week, for 6 to 9 weeks, and then have a maintenance session every 3 to 6 months.

The entire treatment took about half an hour. I was doing it during my lunch hour and I managed to get back to my office within the hour. I didn’t notice the results right away, or maybe I couldn’t really figure out if I saw any difference immediately after the treatment, but I did notice the difference the next morning when I woke up and started getting ready for a new day. I was looking in my bathroom mirror and… I saw no fine lines around my eyes! The skin around my eyes looked tightened and levelled, and there were no fine lines. It made me look at least 5 years younger.

If I were to do pursue a complete Reaction and Infusion treatment, it would cost me about $150-$200 per session for my eye area, but packages are also available. For the whole face it would be $350 to $500 per session. Other treatments that Jennifer told be about are ReFit and ReLift. ReFit for the body ranges between $250 and $500 per session, depending on the treated area. ReLift for the neck and jaw area is $300 to $400 per session.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

My dear friends and readers, I wish you a fabulous holiday season and a very Merry Christmas! May all your wishes come true, and may you and your loved ones be blessed with love, happiness, well-being and all the best in the world.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Victoria West

Friday, December 20, 2013

Magazine recent descoperite in Toronto

In ultima vreme nu imi mai face placere sa fac cumparaturi la mall. Lucrez in centrul Toronto-ului, si foarte aproape de jobul meu se afla cel mai mare mall din Toronto, Eaton Centre. De cele mai multe ori mergeam acolo pentru cumparaturi in timpul pauzei mele de pranz, care este cam singurul interval cand am timp sa merg la shopping, caci in weekend de obicei imi programez alte activitati.

Mi s-a intamplat si sa fiu dezamagita de vizitele mele la mall, cand cautam ceva anume si nu gaseam, in ciuda faptului ca intram in 5-6 magazine de profil unde in mod normal ma asteptam sa gasesc articolele respective. Iar un alt motiv pentru care a inceput sa-mi displaca acest tip de shopping este si faptul ca peste tot, in toate magazinele, e aceeasi si aceeasi marfa, de parca e trasa la xerox – plictiseala, nu alta. 

Toronto Eaton Centre is over, si nici celelalte mall-uri din Toronto nu ma mai atrag, din aceleasi motive. Am nevoie de o scena noua de shopping.

Voi fi sincera – imi place sa merg la cumparaturi. Nu ma consider shopaholica, nu-mi cheltui tot bugetul pe haine, accesorii, cosmetice & co, nu sufar de sindromul Rebecca Bloomwood. Consider ca sunt o persoana moderata in ceea ce priveste cheltuiala prin magazinele de haine, si nu am tendinta sa-mi cumpar lucruri de care nu am nevoie, doar de dragul de a le cumpara. Dar imi place frisonul cumparaturilor, chiar si atunci cand e vorba de ceva mic si necostisitor. Iar cand ies la o sedinta de cumparaturi, imi iau doar lucruri de care am nevoie si care imi vor folosi. Dar asta nu ma impiedica sa savurez shopping-ul si sa am acel frison de care aminteam mai sus!

Ei bine, mai nou am inceput sa ma orientez spre magazine independente din Toronto, magazine care nu fac parte din francize canadiene sau internationale si care nu se gasesc in fiecare mall. Problema este ca nu cunosc neaparat foarte multe magazine de acest fel, decat daca iau orasul la pas pentru a le descoperi, lucru pentru care evident nu am timp. Si nici nu am timp sa le caut pe internet. Dar o sursa buna de informatie sunt revistele de moda. De curand am citit despre mai multe magazine din acestea in revista canadiana Flare pe care o citesc in fiecare luna, si doua dintre astfel de magazine mi-au atras atentia in mod deosebit – un magazin de ciorapi si accesorii Out on a Limb, si altul de lenjerie intima Linea Intima, ambele situate in mid-town Toronto, si mi-am propus sa le vizitez cu prima ocazie.

Mi s-a ivit ocazia sa merg acolo saptamana trecuta. Prima oara am intrat la Out on a Limb, magazinul de ciorapi. Imi plac foarte mult ciorapii colorati si cu model pe care ii port in sezonul rece, iar aici la Toronto deja e iarna de-a binelea (de curand mama m-a sunat sa ma intrebe daca suntem ok, ca vazuse la stiri ca Toronto e inzapezit). Cand port rochii sau fuste pe timp de iarna, imi place sa le combin cu ciorapi colorati sau cu model. Acum ca eram la Out on a Limb, mi-am luat doua perechi de chiorapi cu model, o pereche simpli negri, si o pereche mov inchis. Alex era cu mine atunci, si a vazut la magazin niste manusi cu Oscar, un personaj din desene animate. I-au placut atat de mult acele manusi, incat nu m-a lasat inima sa nu i le iau. Dupa care am mers la celalalt magazin, Linea Intima, situat foarte aproape de primul, de unde mi-am luat cateva piese de lenjerie.

Toate bune si frumoase cu cele doua magazine pe care le-am descoperit de curand; singurul inconvenient in legatura cu ele este faptul ca se afla intr-o zona foarte aglomerata a orasului, cu un trafic extrem de greoi, aproape la fel de congestionat ca in centru, si din cauza asta cred ca n-o sa mai merg in curand acolo. Dar altfel, mi-a facut placere sa merg la shopping la Out on a Limb si la Linea Intima.

Daca va aduceti aminte, va spuneam in unele articole recente de-ale mele ca am inceput sa fac mai des cumparaturi la magazinele HomeSense si Winners din Canada, de unde imi place sa cumpar produse de ingrijire organice si aromaterapeutice. Zilele acestea am fost iarasi pe acolo, si mi-am luat de la HomeSense un sampon si un demachiant pentru ochi, iar de la Winners mi-am luat cateva piese de lenjerie Calvin Klein, Cynthia Rowley si Ellen Tracy. Na, ce sa fac, mi s-a pus pata pe lenjerie noua, si luna aceasta mi-am improspatat stocul de lenjerie, mai ales ca vin si sarbatorile.

O alta runda de shopping pe care am facut-o de curand este la un centru comercial din Toronto, Shops at Don Mills. Este (din cate stiu) cel mai nou mall din Toronto, deschis in 2009, si se numeste asa datorita faptului ca se afla pe strada Don Mills. Este un concept nou de mall, diferit de centrele comerciale traditionale. Shops at Don Mills nu functioneaza intr-o hala mare cu zeci sau sute de magazine inauntru (depinde cat de mare este) asa cum sunt majoritatea mall-urilor, ci de fapt este conceput si construit ca un “oras in oras”, sau ca un cartier, cu fiecare magazin aparte, cu restaurante, cu alei si cu strazi, cu treceri de pietoni, semne de circulatie, spatii verzi, locuri de parcare etc. Este prima oara cand am mers acolo la cumparaturi de cand s-a deschis, din 2009. Stiam si inainte ca e construit in acest stil arhitectural, dar nu fusesem niciodata pana acum sa vad cum este. S-a dovedit a fi un loc imbietor pentru shopping, mai ales pentru cei care s-au plictisit de mall-urile cam imbacsite din oras.

Am mers atunci la Shops at Don Mills pentru ca primisem o invitatie pe Facebook de la creatorul de moda canadian de origine romana Lucian Matis, care a avut acolo un magazin de tip pop-up timp de cateva zile. Cand am ajuns acolo, speram sa-l intalnesc pe Lucian Matis, :) dar nu era prezent, mi s-a spus ca trecuse pe acolo cu doua zile inainte. Mi-am luat o rochie Lucian Matis din colectia pe care o pregatise special pentru acest eveniment pop-up, pe care intentionez sa o port deseara, caci jumatatea mea vrea sa ma scoata la restaurant. Cand am cumparat rochia, m-am gandit ca o voi purta de sarbatori, dar vreau sa o port si in seara asta, caci nu mai am rabdare sa o tin in dulap.

Evenimentul pop-up de la Shops and Don Mills a fost tinut atunci nu doar de Lucian Matis, dar si de alti designeri canadieni, printre care David Dixon, pe care de altfel l-am intalnit acolo.

Spuneam ca centrul Shops at Don Mills a fost deschis in 2009, si asta pentru ca inainte de 2009 un mall din ala traditional (care arata ca o hala mare cu toate magazinele inauntru) functiona in acelasi spatiu, Don Mills Shopping Centre. Atunci cand am venit in Canada in 2006, vechiul mall inca era acolo, si am apucat sa merg la cumparaturi la Don Mills Shopping Centre de vreo doua ori. Proiectul pentru noul mall Shops at Don Mills de tip “oras in oras” deja exista, si in acea perioada se stia ca vechiul mall va fi demolat pentru ca cel nou sa fie construit in locul lui. Si cand mergeam acolo la cumparaturi in 2006, magazinele deja incepeau sa se inchida sau sa se mute prin alte parti ale orasului, iar toate vanzarile erau cu reduceri masive, pentru inchidere, astfel incat am beneficiat de niste reduceri substantiale cand am facut cumparaturi la vechiul mall. Atunci ma gandeam oare ce rost are sa darami un mall ca sa construiesti un alt mall in locul lui? Noua constructie urma sa serveasca exact acelasi scop, nu-i asa? Cat de departe poate sa mearga consumerismul asta capitalist? In fine, am inteles si eu rationamentul din spatele acestei investitii atunci cand Shops at Don Mills a fost inaugurat si deschis, cu magazinele alea concepute si construite in asa fel incat intreaga zona sa arate ca o statiune de vacanta si nu ca o hala industriala.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nail Polish Collections Launched in 2013

This year many beauty names, and specifically nail polish brands, have launched new nail polish collections in bright and delightful colours, and among them are Essie, L’Oréal, Maybelline, Revlon, Sally Hansen, Zoya. In today’s article I will do a recap of some of the nail polish collections that have been released in beauty stores in 2013.

Essie -- Naughty Nautical collection
Essie -- For the Twill of It collection
Essie -- Shearling Darling collection
L'Oréal -- Colour Riche Nail Lingerie strips
L'Oréal -- top coats
Maybelline -- Holographic collection
Maybelline -- Color Show Polka Dots collection
Revlon -- Brilliant Strength collection
Revlon -- Nail Art Expressionist collection
Revlon by Marchesa collection
Sally Hansen Gel Polish
Zoya -- Cashmere collection
Zoya -- Satins collection
Photo credit: Google Images

Monday, December 09, 2013

Noile parfumuri ale anului 2013

Anul acesta un numar mare de case de moda au lansat parfumuri noi, si in articolul de astazi mi-am propus sa prezint unele din aceste parfumuri. Am mai scris un articol similar pe blog Tango acum cateva luni, si atunci am prezentat noile parfumuri care aparusera pe piata in prima jumatate a acestui an, iar astazi vin cu o completare la acel articol. Majoritatea parfumurilor care au fost prezentate pe larg in revistele glossy in acest an sunt pentru femei, evident, dar sunt si cateva pentru barbati.

Parfumuri pentru Ea:

Calvin Klein Downtown
Le Parfum by Carven
Dolce & Gabbana Intense, imagine Laetitia Casta
Elizabeth Arden Untold
Este Lauder Modern Muse, imagine modelul Arizona Muse
Giorgio Armani Si, imagine Cate Blanchett
Guess Girl Belle, imagine Amber Heard
Jimmy Choo Flash
Katy Perry Killer Queen
Lancome La vie est belle, imagine Julia Roberts
Marc Jacobs Honey
Un trio de parfumuri de la Michael Kors -- Sporty, Sexy & Glam
Taylor by Taylor Swift
Parfumuri pentru El:

Gucci Made to Measure, imagine James Franco
Lacoste Poloshirt Noir, un nou parfum din colectia Lacoste Poloshirt
Quantum 007 James Bond

Ati incercat vreunul din aceste parfumuri? Eu deocamdata nici unul. :)
Sa aveti o zi minunata!

Photo credit: Google Images