Sunday, April 29, 2018

Unboxing – Topbox Beauty Box, March and April

Recently I received my latest monthly beauty boxes from Topbox, the March and April ones, and I am going to unbox them in today's story. The March box brought me 4 products -- a hand cream, a Smashbox lipgloss, a Benefit mini-mascara and a face mask; while the April box brought me 5 products -- a Klorane dry shampoo, a facial serum, a lip balm, a primer, and a set of two haircare samples from Garnier Whole Blends (a shampoo and a conditioner).

And there they are, first I'll show you my March beauty box.
Photo credit: Victoria West
Cake Beauty -- Delectable by Cake Beauty 
Ultra nourishing hand cream
Massage into hands and cuticles as needed.
Natural ingredients: sweet mint, cream, shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera.
I am using this hand cream right now, it's currently on my night stand. It's a great cream which feels very rich, and it does smell like a cake, as the brand name suggests. I have become familiar with this Canadian beauty brand, Cake Beauty, since I started subscribing to Topbox almost two years ago, and I have enjoyed a few hand and body products from Cake during this time (all of them smelled like cake 😊). I still have another body balm from Cake in my beauty stack, from one of my previous Topbox beauty boxes, which I didn't have a chance to use yet, but its turn will come soon and I'll be using it sometime in the near future (I do have several body creams and lotions in my beauty stack at the moment, from both purchases and gifts, but also from my previous Topbox monthly beauty boxes, so obviously I cannot use all of them at once, but take time for each of them).
60 ml, $6, made in Canada, available at

Be Legendary liquid lip in Mauve Wife
A metallic liquid lip formula that glides on the full coverage of a lipstick and the high shine of a gloss in a single coat. Besides this SmashBox lipgloss, I also have a retro red one which I also received in my Topbox monthly beauty box this past January, and which I absolutely love! 😊
8 ml, $28, available at Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Benefit Cosmetics 
BADgal BANG! volumizing mascara
BADgal BANG! 36-hour* FULL-BLAST volumizing mascara creates MASSIVE volume without weighing down lashes.
Made in France, available at Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart and

Multiberry yogurt repairing mask
An antioxidant, rich and nourishing treatment with sogurty that promotes collagen production.
20 ml, made in South Korea, available at

And here's my April beauty box.
Photo credit: Victoria West
April is the Earth month, and Topbox usually sends the April beauty products in a reusable green organza sachet, like the one that they sent me this month, you can see it in the picture. It's a lovely sachet, I like that it's transparent, it's perfectly reusable, I'll keep it and I'm thinking to store a piece of jewelry in it, like a necklace. I also received one of these green sachets from my Topbox monthly beauty box last year in April, and I reused it to wrap a Christmas gift later in the year.

And now let me tell you a few words about the April products themselves.

Dry shampoo with nettle – natural tint
Specifically formulated for oily hair, this dry shampoo is oil absorbing, and the light tint blends in naturally into brown to dark hair for an invisible finish. The Klorane brand is familiar to me, however this particular product is new to me.
50 ml, made in France, available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, London Drugs, Jean Coutu, Uniprix, Familiprix, Brunet, Proxim and Pharmaprix.

Skin & Co Roma 
Truffle therapy serum -- boosting anti-aging facial serum
Apply two - three pumps of truffle therapy serum on face and neck after cleansing and toning skin. For optimal results, follow with application of truffle therapy cream. Repeat twice, daily.
It's a new beauty brand to me. I have already used this product by the time when I write this story, it was a sample size (5 ml). It's a good product and I liked it. But since it's a trying size and I only got a few uses out of it, it didn't necessarily leave a very strong impression on me, I would need to use it in a bigger size to really appreciate its effect on my skin. Other than that, it was a good serum.
5 ml, made in Italy, available at

Glow for a Cause 
Lip Love natural lip balm
A lip balm that softens, smooths and cares for the lips. Known for its restorative powers, Vitamin E protects the lips from the damaging effects of the environment.
4.25 g, $6, made in the USA, available at

Nude by Nature 
Perfecting primer
A smoothing, silicone-free primer that creates an even base for make-up application, while helping extend wear.
Another new brand to me, I'm looking forward to trying this product.
15 ml, made in Australia, available at and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Garnier Whole Blends, samples of shampoo and conditioner, 10 ml each.
I have already tried out these two samples, and they are pretty great. There was also a coupon in my beauty box for Garnier Whole Blends products which allows me to redeem $3 if I purchase any two Garnier Whole Blends haircare products. The coupon is valid until end of September, so I have enough time to use it. I get many coupons in my monthly beauty box, for various beauty products, but I almost never use those coupons because I don't really need those particular products, or those offers simply don't appeal to me or they don't answer to my beauty needs. But this coupon is appealing enough, Garnier Whole Blends are good quality haircare products, so I'll probably use this coupon.

Have a great week ahead everyone!