Sunday, June 15, 2014

What I Have Been up to Lately

Not much, really. I’ve been pretty busy at work, so I didn’t really get to enjoy much of free time in the past few weeks. One of the previous weekends my family and I went out on a promenade on the shore of the Lake Ontario in Whitby, the Toronto suburb where we reside. The weather was gorgeous, albeit a little chilly and windy on the lake shore, and we walked down the beach enjoying the view of the lake and of the White Lighthouse from Whitby.

Meanwhile my lilac from my garden bloomed, as it blooms about this time of the year – end of May, beginning of June. This year I noticed my lilac was a little late, it bloomed at a later date than I remember it did last year, and I gather its lateness was due to the harsh winter that we had in Toronto this year.

Remember my Valentine blue roses that I showed you a few months ago? Those were the first blue roses I have ever got. I knew about their existence, but I had never seen them “live” before this year’s Valentine, so it was a really nice surprise from my hubby. I kept them in the vase for about three weeks after Valentine, but they were so gorgeous, that I simply couldn’t possibly part with them, so I found a way to preserve them and keep them. I used a hairspray to dry them, and I still have them on my dinner table in my living room, four months later. One of them is in my office at work, on my desk.

I had a new dessert experience recently – macarons. Aren’t they absolutely delicious? I’ve read a lot of comments, reviews and blog posts about them, and they sounded so tasty and decadent, that I said to myself I have to try them. Laduree are, of course, everyone’s number one choice when it comes to macarons, but I am yet to find some Laduree macarons in Toronto. I hear there is a patisserie in Toronto that carries them, but I haven’t had the time to find the place and go there yet. Meanwhile, I thought to try some other macarons, so after a Google search this Friday I found a few places in Toronto that carry macarons. I work downtown Toronto, so the closest patisserie from my office that I found is located at The Bay store from 176 Yonge Street, steps away from my work, and it's called O&B Artisan. I went there during my lunch hour on Friday, and I got these absolutely delightful and decadently delicious beauties. They had five flavours, so I bought two of each. These macarons are made by Bobbette & Belle, which is quite a popular macaron place in Toronto. My family also liked them, and their high price is totally worth it ($25 for 10). On the other hand, they are so sweet (I don’t even dare think of the amount of calories they have), that you have one, and you have enough. Maybe that’s why they are so pricey, because you don’t stuff yourself with a dozen of them at once, you can only have one macaron at a time and you’ve satisfied your sweet tooth, even two at a time is too sweet and too much.

Today is Father’s Day in Canada, and my family celebrate our Daddy, John. Happy Father’s Day, sweetheart! My son Alex had a beautiful gift for his Dad which he made at school, a card and a photo frame, and my gift for Dad was a Christopher Bates black dress shirt.

Photo credit: Victoria West