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Friday, June 30, 2023

POEM: First Date

I kissed you on our first date. 
Your kiss tasted like honey. 
I was looking into your eyes. 

Why did you kiss me on our first date? 
I kissed you because I was infatuated with you. 
But why don’t you like that I kissed you on our first date? 

Why were you looking into my eyes? 
Why didn’t you close your eyes when you kissed me? 
I wanted to connect with you. 
But why don’t you like that I looked into your eyes when I kissed you? 

My old girlfriend was always closing her eyes when she was kissing me. 
But I’m not your old girlfriend. 
Why do you want me to be like your old girlfriend? 

What if I wanted to make love to you on our first date?


From my book of poetry Sunset in Toronto, page 39.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

POEM: I Wish I Were an Artist

I wish I were an artist to portray those whom I love. 
As a writer, I express my feelings in words. 
I wish I could do so in colors. 
One day I take a brush and a canvas, 
And I let my heart do the work. 
I don’t think, I feel. 
The brush brings color to the canvas, 
And the color comes to life. 
The canvas comes back to me with a story to tell. 
It’s two-dimensional, 
But it’s the start of a journey which I hope will take me places, 
One step at a time. 
And now I look at a portrait of those whom I love, 
And I can put my name on it – the artist. 


From my book of poetry Sunset in Toronto, page 34.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

POEM: Reflection

I look in the mirror and I think about my mother. 
My reflection reminds me of her when she was my age. 
I look at my face, 
And I see my mother in my own eyes. 
I look at my arms, 
And I remember her arms when she was holding and hugging me as a little girl, 
When she was singing me lullabies at bedtime. 
Sometimes I sing my childhood lullabies to my baby, 
And it feels like my mother is there with me, 
Like an angel observing me from a discreet distance. 
I remember my mother’s love flowing through the lullaby rhymes when she was singing it to me as a young child. 
And now I whisper it to my baby when I sing for him at night. 
I am truly my mother’s daughter.


From my book of poetry Sunset in Toronto, page 33.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

POEM: Elmo

When my son was two years old, 
His favorite toy was Elmo. 
The red furry monster from the kids’ movies was his best friend and his companion. 
He loved taking Elmo with him everywhere. 
He loved hugging him, 
Kissing him, 
Tucking him in when he was going to bed at night. 
It was my love for my baby. 
It was his love for Elmo. 
I was telling him “I love you” every night. 
He was telling Elmo “I love you” every night. 
Love you baby. 
Love you Elmo. 
Love transcending.


From my book of poetry Sunset in Toronto, page 32.

Monday, June 26, 2023

POEM: September Baby

My son was born on a September night. 
It was 3 AM when I first held him in my arms. 
He announced his coming into this world the prior December, 
The holiday season. 
I couldn’t possibly wish for a better Christmas gift.

Many of my friends’ children were born in September. 
My baby, her oldest, his youngest, both of their kids. 
There are so many September birthdays in my circle 
That every year we throw a giant birthday party 
For everybody born in September. 
Lots of babies born in September, 
Lots of kids to celebrate.

And all of them were conceived by their parents in December. 
The Christmas season. 
The holiday cheer. 
We tend to love each other over the holiday season more than the rest of the year. 
So much so that the month of December has become a baby boom for us. 
We couldn’t possibly wish for a better Christmas gift. 
The best Christmas gift is the gift of love.
From my book of poetry Sunset in Toronto, page 30.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

POEM: Childbirth

I want to be your mother. 
Your father and I love each other, 
And we’re anxiously waiting for the wonderful news. 
Finally, an angel tells me what I wish to hear. 
You will come into my life, 
And I will be your mother. 
A new life grows in me. 
I hear your first heartbeat. 
Two hearts beating in unison, 
Mother and son. 
And then you are here. 
I feel a sharp pain. 
Like a thousand knives stabbing me. 
I scream. 
But screaming is good, 
And I am grateful for screaming, 
Because it pulls me through the pain, 
And I bravely take it. 
It’s worth all the pain just to have you here. 
And now you are in my arms, 
And I am so blessed to meet you. 
child, my most cherished treasure. 
I cry, but it’s a happy cry. 
The pain still stabs me with a thousand knives, 
But I don’t feel it anymore. 
I hold you in my arms and close to my heart. 
The most beautiful baby in the world. 
I feel complete. 
I love you and I will always be there for you.
From my book of poetry Sunset in Toronto, page 28.

Saturday, June 24, 2023

POEM: Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my child, 
I dreamed about my mother being pregnant with me. 
When I had my morning sickness, 
I could feel my mother’s sickness 
As she carried me in her womb. 
When I felt my pain, 
I felt my mother’s pain too. 
When I couldn’t sleep at night, 
I knew that neither she could sleep all those years ago when she was expecting me. 
Now I know how my mother felt, 
As I felt the same pain. 
My mother is a saint. 
Motherhood is sacred.
From my book of poetry Sunset in Toronto, page 26.

Friday, June 23, 2023

POEM: City of Lights, City of Love

We’re in Paris. 
It’s been my biggest dream to come here. 
La Tour Eiffel. 
Arc de Triomphe. 
La Pyramide. 
Arc du Carrousel. 
Place de la Concorde. 
L’Obélisque de Louxor. 
La Seine. 
Les bateaux-mouches. 
Les bouquinistes. 
Pont Neuf. 
Notre-Dame de Paris.
Île de la Cité. 
Le Quartier Latin. 
La Sorbonne. 
Moulin Rouge. 
And I love you more than anything else in the world. 
It’s the two of us in Paris, and I am so happy to be here with you.
When we return, I want us to be the three of us. 
City of lights, city of love.


From my book of poetry Sunset in Toronto, page 24.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

POEM: Orgasm

A ball of energy electrifies my entire body. 
It builds up in my core, 
And it explodes into a million intense sensations. 
It travels throughout my body, 
It makes its way through all my limbs, 
My arms, 
My legs. 
My nervous system is a highway.
It goes all the way, 
And it stops in my fingers and toes, 
The terminus station of my body. 
It accumulates at the end of my body, 
And it doesn’t have anywhere else to go. 
I feel the energy in my fingers and toes. 
It’s so intense that it hurts. 
But it’s a sweet pain that I never resent. 
You kiss me and I take it in.


From my book of poetry Sunset in Toronto, page 23.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

POEM: Valentine

Once a year we take a day to celebrate love.
Valentine’s, the day of love.
Cherish your loved one.
Show them you care.
Show them they are precious.
Show them they are the most important person in the world to you.
Show them you know better than taking them for granted.
It doesn’t have to be in a pompous way.
It can be small or big.
Hearts, flowers, chocolates, plush toys, dinners, vacations, cuddling, hugs, kisses – there isn’t a wrong way to show love.
You do that every day anyway.
But celebrate it on Valentine’s Day.
February 14, 2021

From my book of poetry Sunset in Toronto, page 20.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

POEM: The Commute

7 AM, I’m driving on the highway. 
It’s a long commute to work. 
You and I both. 
Hours and hours spent on the commute every day. 
We leave at 7 AM, 
Hope to be home by 6 PM. 
And then once we’re home, 
We cook, 
We have dinner, 
We take care of our son, 
And we go to sleep at 10 PM. 
Routinely so. 
Then the next day we start all over again. 
It’s the same story for millions of other couples across the continent. 

So, let’s do something about it. 
It’s 7 AM, we’re on our way to work. 
I commute, you commute, we commute. 
And we dial up. 

Good morning Honey, how is your commute going? 
I’m at Yonge Street. 
I have a traffic jam ahead of me. 
Hey, I meant to mention something…

And we talk. 
Husband and wife spending their commute time apart, 
But together. 
We leave home and we dial the phone. 
We talk about everything that crosses our minds. 
About all our spousal silly nothings. 
About all the little things that we don’t have time to talk about at home after work. 
It gives us a fresh feeling. 
Here’s a good way to spend your commute time – talk to your spouse. 

Hey Honey, I’m at the office. 
I’ll talk to you at 4 PM. 
I’ll see you at home tonight. 
Love you. 
Enjoy your day… 

I got to love my daily commute.


From my book of poetry Sunset in Toronto, page 21.

Monday, June 19, 2023

POEM: Love Letter

My dear beloved, 
We are far away from each other, 
But my thoughts are always with you. 
My heart is always beating for you. 
The distance between us is all so painful, 
And I am waiting impatiently for the happy day when we can see each other again. 
I dream about you every night. 
The dreams are so vivid that they make me feel that you are next to me, 
That I can touch you. 
And then I wake up in the morning in cold disappointment that it was just a dream, 
That what I was touching was just the pillow on the other side of the bed, 
And I am bound to spend yet another day without you by my side. 
I wish I could find the magic to transport myself into the dream world where I can always be with you,
Where nothing can stand between us. 
But one day soon we will be together again, 
And nothing indeed will stand between us. 
My treacherous dreams will turn into a happy reality. 
And when I wake up in the morning, 
You will be truly there next to me, 
Kissing me, 
Hugging me, 
Loving me. 
My heart belongs to you, 
And I will never stop loving you. 


From my book "Sunset in Toronto", page 18.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Happy Father's Day!

My dear friends and readers, I hope you are having a wonderful day today celebrating the great dads in your life -- fathers, grandfathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, and everyone in your family and among your friends who are fathers. Family is the most important thing in our life, our anchor, our strength, our resilience.

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 17, 2023

POEM: The Floral Dress

My dear friends and readers, 

Today I am starting a new series on my blog where I would like to share some of my selected poems. The Floral Dress is the opening poem in my book Sunset in Toronto, published in 2021. 

I hope you enjoy it! 


The Floral Dress 

Summer of 1999. 
The previous century. 
My friend insists I go to a party with her. 
Come on, I want you to meet my new friends. 
I’m not in the mood to go out. 
It’s been months since I left a painful breakup behind, 
And I still feel like nurturing my wounds. 
But my friend won’t let me say pass. 
You have to come with me. 
You have to get out of your rut. 
I finally agree. 
I put on a floral dress. 
It’s the newest dress in my wardrobe, 
I just bought it yesterday. 
Well, at least here’s a new opportunity to wear my new dress. 
Long, flowy, silky. 
Big flowers print. 
I go to the party with my friend, 
And I meet her new friends. 
I also meet you. 
I fall in love with you, 
And you fall in love with me. 
On our third date, you confess you loved my dress on the night when you met me. 
You loved the way it made me look. 
Beautiful. Desirable.

One year later – our first anniversary together. 
My gift to you is a framed photograph of me wearing the floral dress. 
Your favorite. 
The dawn of the Millennium is pre-digital, 
And we are still taking photographs on film. 
I love taking photos in doubles – one for you, one for me. 
I want you to remember me as beautiful as I am today. 
If we ever drift apart, 
I want to stay in your photo albums the same as when we were happy together. 
Your favorite floral dress is in many photographs. 

A marriage, a child, and twenty years later, we are still together. 
And I still wear the floral dress. 
Your favorite. 
It still looks great, and I love it. 
You love it. 
We grew mature together, 
And the dress grew vintage in my wardrobe. 
I could never part with it. 
I now wear it at least once a summertime. 
A reminiscence of the summer when I fell in love with you.

Friday, June 02, 2023

Produse terminate – Empties, 2023

Astazi este randul urmatorului articol din seria Produse terminate – Empties, caci ultima oara am scris despre Empties acum doi ani. Asadar, in articolul de astazi voi scrie despre produsele cosmetice si de frumusete pe care le-am consumat in ultimii doi ani – produse pentru ingrijirea parului, ingrijirea corpului, ingrijirea tenului, machiaj, parfumuri, si alte produse, carora o sa le fac cate un mini-review, asa cum v-am obisnuit déjà cu aceasta serie de articole in anii trecuti. Pe de alta parte, produsele cosmetice si de frumusete despre care voi scrie astazi nu sunt toate cosmeticele pe care le-am folosit in ultimii doi ani, unele din ambalaje le-am mai aruncat.
Sa incepem cu produsele pentru ingrijirea parului.
Voi incepe cu sampoanele. Folosesc si balsamuri de par in mod constant, si in decursul ultimilor doi ani am folosit multe balsamuri din aceleasi game ca sampoanele respective; dar sticlele de la balsamuri nu s-au pastrat, si nu le am la indemana pentru scopul articolului de astazi, asa ca doar le voi mentiona, dar nu le voi descrie la fel de detaliat ca si sampoanele.
Sampon Dove, 750 ml – un sampon de buna calitate. De obicei apreciez produsele pentru ingrijirea parului Dove, si acesta a fost ok. 

Sampon TRESemmé, 828 ml – un alt sampon de buna calitate, TRESemmé fiind o alta gama de produse pentru ingrijirea parului pe care o apreciez si o folosesc des. 

Sampon Daily Defence cu ulei de argan de Maroc, 473 ml, fabricat in Canada (5 sticle, un brand independent), un alt preferat de-al meu. Mi-a placut atat de mult incat l-a cumparat de 5 ori. Prima oara l-am descoperit in 2018, si de-atunci am folosit atat samponul, cat si balsamul din aceeasi gama, in mai multe ocazii. Sticlele de la balsam din pacate nu le mai am ca sa le includ in articolul de astazi, le-am aruncat intre timp. Imi plac sampoanele si produsele pentru ingrijirea parului cu uleiuri naturale, cum ar fi ulei de argan, ulei de cocos, ulei de macadamia, ulei de masline. Atunci cand am cumparat acest sampon pentru prima oara in vara lui 2018, eram curioasa sa folosesc sampoane noi, din care nu mai folosisem niciodata, caci Dove si L'Oréal si Pantene si Garnier si TRESemmé din supermarketuri tot folosisem pana atunci. Acest sampon cu ulei de argan mi-a atras atentia pe raft la o tura de shopping, l-am luat, mi-a placut, a devenit un preferat de-al meu. 

Sampon Agree Pro cu ulei de argan de Maroc, 369 ml, fabricat in Canada (un brand independent). Un alt sampon cu ulei de argan care mi-a placut. Si pentru ca e in sticla mai mica, am putut sa-l iau cu mine si in calatorii. 

Sampon L’Oréal Paris, 385 ml (2 sticle) – produsele L’Oréal pentru par sunt absolut grozave! Acest sampon este un alt preferat de-al meu pe care l-am folosit de multe ori in trecut. 

Sampon uscat Batiste, 200 ml, fabricat in Anglia (varianta Oriental) – il stiti fara indoiala, are o reputatie foarte buna, este probabil cel mai bun sampon uscat de pe piata massmarket. Folosesc samponul uscat de foarte multi ani. De multe ori imi placea varianta XXL Volume, datorita eficientei si volumului grozav pe care il confera parului, dar de data aceasta am vrut sa fac o schimbare si am cumparat aceasta varianta noua pentru mine, Oriental. Am fost multumita de acest produs. 

Sampon uscat Monat Studio One, 108 ml, fabricat in SUA – l-am primit la un eveniment monden din Toronto. A fost destul de bun, mi-a placut. 

Masca de par cu ulei de cocos, 100 ml, fabricat in Brazilia (brand independent) – dupa cum mentionam mai sus, apreciez foarte mult produsele pentru ingrijirea parului cu diferite uleiuri naturale, cum ar fi ulei de cocos, si aceasta masca de par cu ulei de cocos nu a fost o exceptie. Parul meu a fost multumit cu acest produs. 

Continuu cu produsele pentru ingrijirea corpului.
Gel de dus cu nuca de cocos Glam Garden, 946 ml, fabricat in Canada (brand independent, 2 sticle). Cred ca déjà ati observat ca produsele de frumusete si ingrijire personala cu nuca de cocos sunt frecvente in baia mea, motiv pentru care am cumparat acest gel de dus de doua ori. Miroase delicios a vara, si cand il foloseam la dus, ma facea sa-mi aduc aminte de vacantele mele tropicale si ma transporta cu gandul si cu simturile in Cuba care este una din destinatiile mele de vacanta preferate.

Spuma hidratanta de baie Purpose cu floare de cires, 591 ml, fabricata in Canada. Este un alt brand independent de produse pentru baie. De multe ori imi place sa testez produse noi, ca sa mai diversific de la produsele traditionale care se gasesc pe rafturile din supermarketuri, si asa a fost cazul cu aceasta spuma de baie. Acum cand scriu acest articol si am sticla goala langa mine, inca i se mai simte aroma delicata si atragatoare, desi au trecut luni de zile de cand am terminat acest produs! 😊 

Gel de dus cu ceai, 325 ml. Life este brandul in-house al unei retele de farmacii din Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart. In general imi plac foarte mult produsele de frumusete si ingrijire pe baza de ceai, cum ar fi geluri de dus si geluri de spalat pentru fata, pentru efectul lor calmant asupra pielii tenului si corpului. 

Gel de dus Lush cu portocala Blood Orange, 100 ml, fabricat in Canada – un produs absolut minunat! Oh si ce bine miroase a portocala! 😊 Dintotdeauna mi-au placut produsele Lush, fie ca e vorba de bombele lor de baie, sau sapunuri solide naturale, sau geluri de dus. Ultima oara am fost la cumparaturi la Lush anul trecut in noiembrie, si am cumparat mai multe produse, printre care acest gel de dus, 3 bombe de baie, o bomba de dus, un sapun solid natural la vrac. 

Continuu cu alte produse pentru ingrijrea corpului.
Crema cu spirulina pentru corp Viorica Cosmetics, 300 ml, fabricate in Moldova (am primit-o). A fost o crema foarte faina, si fiind atat de mare, m-a tinut mult timp. Contine colagen, ulei de cocos, extract de castravete; hidrateaza si regenereaza pielea; restabileste tonusul, elasticitatea si structura pielii; are efect de piele mai neteda si mai ferma. 

3 deodorante Lady Speedstick Invisible, varianta 70 g si 45 g. Lady Speedstick este un brand de deodorante solide confortabil pentru mine, pe care il cumpar rapid atunci cand am nevoie de un deodorant nou, nu trebuie sa petrec mult timp in fata raftului la supermarket sa aleg, ca e un produs pe care il cunosc deja bine, astfel incat in general il folosesc destul de des. 

3 deodorante Degree, varianta 45 g – au fost ok, comparabile cu Lady Speedstick. 

2 deodorante Secret, 14 g – varianta travel, a fost ok si acesta, de asemenea comparabil cu Lady Speedstick. 

Continuu cu produse pentru ingrijirea tenului si produse de machiaj.

Gel de spalat pentru fata antiacneic Clean and Clear de la Johnson and Johnson, 240 ml, fabricat in SUA (3 sticle). Chiar si la varsta pe care o am acum, imi mai iese cate un cos pe fata din cand in cand, asa ca folosesc produse anti-acneice aproape constant, ca de exemplu geluri de spalat pentru fata si creme anti-acneice cu aplicare locala. 

Gel de spalat pentru fata cu Retinol, efect anti-aging, 168 ml, fabricat in SUA. L-am cumparat de la Winners. Are efect de iluminare si imbunatateste aspectul tenului. 

Servetele demachiante umede hidratante Faciqué, 60 bucati (brand independent) – cu unt de shea si ulei de cocos. Au fost bunicele. De obicei le foloseam seara. Pentru o curatare si demachiere mai eficienta, inmuiam servetelul in apa (sub jetul de apa calduta la robinet), curata mai bine daca era combinat cu apa. 

Lotiune tonica Nivea cu alge marine, pentru ten mixt si gras, 200 ml. Este un produs bun, se potriveste foarte bine tenului meu, si l-am folosit de multe ori in trecut, este repeat purchase. 

Demachiant pentru ochi Nivea, 100 ml, fabricat in Germania – un alt produs Nivea de buna calitate care mi-a placut. 

Crema de fata Indigena, 15 ml (brand canadian) – am primit-o la un eveniment monden din Toronto. Imi place si borcanelul de sticla de la aceasta crema, pe care am sa-l pastrez dupa ce scriu acest articol, ca sa il refolosesc ca recipient pentru produse travel-size atunci cand calatoresc de exemplu. 

Ser pentru ten AmorePacific, mostra, 5 ml – fabricat in Korea de Sud. Fiind de marime mostra, am apucat sa-l aplic de doua-trei ori pe ten (dupa aplicarea lotiunii tonice si inainte de crema de fata), si n-a fost suficient sa-mi fac o parere definitiva despre acest produs, dar la prima impresie a fost ok. 

Serum pentru ten Elizabeth Arden, mostra, 7 capsule – fabricat in Italia. L-am folosit in acelasi fel ca si serul AmorePacific despre care spuneam mai sus, adica dimineata si seara cate o capsula, dupa toner si inainte de crema de fata (de zi sau de noapte). Si la fel ca si in cazul altor mostre, fiind o cantitate mica, n-a fost suficient sa-mi fac o parere definitiva despre acest produs, dar la prima impresie mi-a placut. 

Masca de ochi Cleo (o pereche), cu efect de calmare. Am primit-o la un eveniment monden, a fost ok. 

Banda de curatare cu carbon pentru nas. Se aplica pe nas dupa curatarea tenului, se lasa 10 minute, dupa care se scoate. Curata punctele negre si deschide porii. 

Urmeaza produsele de machiaj.
Oja de unghii China Glaze, 14 ml, fabricata in SUA – absolut grozava, un brand de oje care imi place foarte mult. O perioada am fost abonata la o cutie lunara de frumusete, si am primit aceasta oja in acea cutie lunara de produse cosmetice si de frumusete. Cel mai mult mi-a placut la aceasta oja efectul mat al aplicarii, compozitia cu argila si hardeners o facea sa fie foarte rezistenta, cu o textura argiloasa neteda, incat nu mai avea nevoie de lac transparent de unghii de asupra ojei asa cum procedez cu alte oje. China Glaze este unul din brandurile mele preferate de oje. 

Ruj Wet n Wild, nuanta coral (3.6 g). Este un ruj de calitate medie, nu este neaparat rezistent la transfer, dar este usor de aplicat, lipstick and go, o calitate pe care o apreciez la rujuri. 

Pudra pulbere Made by Nature, 2 g, fabricata in Australia. Am primit-o in acea cutie lunara de frumusete despre care va spuneam mai sus. Am folosit-o pentru un rastimp, dar nu mi-a placut, ca prea se imprastia peste tot in baie, fiind de tip pulbere. Nu sunt amatoare de pudre pulbere (nu sunt eficiente pentru mine si nu-mi place cum se aplica, se imprasite peste tot), de obicei prefer pudrele compacte. Asa ca n-am terminat-o. Am aruncat restul continutului si am pastrat ambalajul gol pentru acest articol, si in present folosesc pudra compacta. Singurul motiv de ce am avut aceasta pudra in trusa mea de cosmetice este ca am primit-o in acea cutie lunara de frumusete, dar altfel n-as fi cumparat o pudra pulbere. 

Continuu cu parfumuri si alte produse aromate.
Parfumul Coral Negro (apa de parfum), 100 ml – din Cuba. L-am cumparat in Cuba intr-o vacanta precedenta. Dupa cum va dati seama, Coral Negro in limba spaniola inseamna “coralul negru”. Acest parfum are o aroma seducatoare care te trasporta inapoi pe plajele fierbinti cu nisip alb din Cuba. Ma incanta sticla sa mata neagra atat de eleganta, dar dincolo de ambalaj am fost sedusa de aroma sa marina care ma duce cu gandul la nopti tropicale si fierbinti de pe malul oceanului. Este un parfum care imi evoca nisip, plaja, apa sarata a oceanului, petreceri cu muzica tare noaptea tarziu pe plaja, dans pe plaja, par despletit in vant, energie si atractie sexuala, un parfum cu o aroma intensa estivala, unul din preferatele mele pe care le-am avut in ultimii ani. 

Cand am scris cartea de poezii Sunset in Toronto publicata in 2021, una din poeziile din carte a fost inspirata de Cuba si de acest parfum (pagina 190).

The Perfume 

When I traveled to Cuba, 
I bought a bottle of perfume in the gift shop at the hotel. 
It’s called Coral Negro – “The Black Coral”. 
I brought the perfume back to Canada, 
And with it, a piece of Cuba in my luggage. 
Every time I wear it, 
It transports me back to Cuba. 

I love its elegant opaque black bottle. 
I am seduced by its marine fragrance that makes me think of tropical days by the ocean. 

The shore of the Atlantic. 
The scorching sun. 
The hot sand. 
The turquoise water. 
The salty taste on my lips. 
The breeze in my hair. 
The corals on the ocean floor. 
The shells on the white sandy beach. 
The parties with loud music late at night. 
The crazy dancing on the beach. 
The sexual energy. 
The magnetic attraction. 
 All in a bottle of perfume. 
Autentica Cuba in a perfume.

Parfumul Chic Estilo (apa de toaleta, 100 ml), cel in ambalaj roz, este tot din Cuba, l-am adus din aceeasi vacanta ca parfumul Coral Negro. Am sticla goala aici langa mine in timp ce scriu articolul, si inca ii mai simt aroma tropicala, un pic mai flamboyanta decat aroma Coral Negro. Este o aroma care ma duce cu gandul la soarele tropical, la bronz, la vacantele din tropice, dar mai mult ma duce cu gandul la zilele fierbinti din Caraibe cand stai pe plaja, te bronzezi si imbratisezi soarele cat e ziua de lunga, decat noptile tropicale si pline de energie sexuala cu petreceri nocturne pe plaja. 

Parfumul Black Opium de la Yves Saint Laurent (apa de parfum, 90 ml), fabricat in Franta. Trec de la vacantele tropicale din Cuba la eleganta pariziana. Este un parfum pe care l-am primit de ziua mea de la sotul meu John acum 2 ani. 

Urmatorul parfum – Dior J’Adore (apa de parfum), 100 ml, fabricat in Franta. Poate ca il stiti si voi, este un parfum destul de popular, déjà clasic. L-am primit de Craciun de la sotul meu John acum 2 ani. 

Si nu in ultimul rand – White Musk de la The Body Shop, apa de parfum, 30 ml, fabricat in Polonia. Cand am mers la The Body Shop ultima oara vara trecuta, intentionam sa-mi cumpar parfumul Black Musk care a fost lansat prin 2016, va mai aduceti aminte de acel parfum? A facut furori la vremea respectiva, l-am avut de doua ori. Si iata ca vara trecuta am vrut sa mi-l cumpar din nou. Si cand am mers la The Body Shop la mall, am constatat ca nu mai au Black Musk, se pare ca l-au terminat, dar in schimb aveau White Musk, si l-am cumparat. Mi-a placut si acesta, dar cred ca Black Musk cel din 2016 mi-a placut mai mult. 

De altfel, imi plac parfumurile si produsele parfumate cu mosc, atat mosc alb cat si negru, asa ca in afara de parfumul White Musk de la The Body Shop, am folosit de curand si acest body mist cu mosk alb din gama Body Fantasies, 236 ml, fabricat in SUA (l-am luat de la Walmart), pe care am putut sa-l folosesc mai casual, in fiecare zi, pentru iesiri de zi, sau dupa dus. 

2 spray-uri pentru perne, cu levantica, 118 ml fiecare, ambele fabricate in SUA. Efect calmant. Unul este cu levantica si sage, altul cu levantica si vanilie, le-am luat de la Winners. Imi placea sa le pulverizez pe perna inainte de somn, ma facea sa adorm mai usor si sa am un somn mai odihnitor.

Si inchei cu 3 uleiuri esentiale de parfum (le-am luat de la Winners). Imi place sa folosesc uleiuri esentiale de parfum atunci cand nu pot folosi un parfum, sau atunci cand parfumul Chanel pe care il am pe masuta vanity nu e chiar un parfum de zi cu zi. Imi mai plac uleiurile esentiale si pentru ca sunt mai discrete decat parfumurile expresive, pentru situatiile cand am nevoie de o aroma mai discreta. In prezent lucrez de acasa, dar cand lucram in birou inainte de pandemie, am avut cativa colegi care erau sensibili la parfumuri, si in zilele cand stiam ca voi lucra cu acesti colegi, purtam la birou un ulei esential in loc de parfum, uleiul esential fiind mai discret si nu ii deranja pe acesti colegi. 

Atat pentru azi dragele mele prietene, sper ca v-au placut articolul si prezentarea produselor, ne vedem data viitoare. 

Sa aveti un weekend minunat!

Photo credit: Victoria West