Monday, April 18, 2022

My Book of Poetry "Sunset in Toronto" in the News – the Latest Updates

My dear friends and readers, I hope you had a wonderful long weekend. Today I would like to share my latest news – recently I had two interviews with media personalities, Charles Madison from NexxLegacy Radio and Christie Taylor from The Christie Taylor Show. 

The interview with Charles Madison was recorded on April 3rd 2022, it was aired on NexxLegaxy Radio on April 5th, and today it was published on different podcasts across the media. Charles and I talked about my new book of poetry Sunset in Toronto, but also about my first book Bits of Fashion, as well as my journey as a writer, and about fashion in Toronto. 

The interview is available wherever you listen to your podcasts, and I would like to share a few links here – NexxLegacy Radio, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Radio Public, Castbox FM Radio. 


The other interview that I had with Christie Taylor from The Christie Taylor Show was published on April 8th and can be watched on Instagram. Christie and I had a lovely conversation about fashion, about writing, and about my two books – Sunset in Toronto (poetry) and Bits of Fashion (a collection of fashion essays and interviews). Here's the link: 


My book of poetry Sunset in Toronto was recently featured on Canadian Multicultural News – 

LINK to the story: 


And finally, I would like to share some updates about new places where my book of poetry Sunset in Toronto can be purchased. Besides Amazon, Sunset in Toronto is also available on various online book outlets around the world. I already shared some of them in one of my previous articles here, and today I would like to share a few more online outlets where my book has become available more recently. in South Africa
Photo credit: Victoria West
Have a great week ahead everyone!

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