Tuesday, July 13, 2010

White for Summer

I love white for summer. It’s not only a comfortable color to wear during the hot season, but I also find it stylish, fashionable and never out of trends. White is a part of classic, and one will always be able to wear white for summer, no matter what the current trends are.

This being said, luckily my wardrobe doesn’t lack white at all. I fell in love with white 3 years ago, when I decided I should complete my wardrobe with white outfits for the summer. So I went shopping, and I ended up at Dynamite where I bought quite a few white garments – a short-sleeved blazer, a top, a shirt, and a handbag (I already had a white clutch at home). I completed my white wardrobe with pants, pumps, shorts, a skirt and a blouse from Suzy Shier. Then I bought a pair of white stiletto sandals from Spring, and voila – my white wardrobe got completed. I was able to wear my white outfits at work, at parties, going shopping, visiting friends, and I still do, as any classical fashion garment like a white outfit is wearable for so many occasions. And I like to refresh my white outfits by styling them up with different accessories and jewelry pieces each time, so they won’t look the same.

Recently I figured the only white garment I don’t have in my closet is a white dress. Somehow, after purchasing all those white clothes, shoes and purses, I overlooked to buy a white dress. And the dress is my favorite outfit. I like to wear dresses for summer the most, so it’s really strange that I missed this one. But summer is at its peak right now, so I still have enough time to wear a white dress this summer if I choose to. So, next time when I go shopping, I will probably buy a new white dress for summer. And if I decide to purchase one, I’m thinking with combining it with tribal trends from Aldo (sandals, clutches and accessories), which are very in now. A white summer dress would perfectly go with a clutch and a pair of sandals from this Aldo collection.


  1. I love white cause it looks so good on tanned skin. I have a couple of pants myself and a white linen skirt that I adore. Linen is so comfortable and perfect for summer.

    One of my favorite combinaton is white and light turqoise. They look perfect together!

    I don't have a white dress either, but the good thing is stores are packed with white clothes these days, so it will be easy to find something.

  2. I agree -- white and turquoise go perfectly together. I actually was thinking about turquoise accessories to combine the white dress with if I buy one. :)


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