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Thursday, May 30, 2024

My New Book of Poetry "Despair and Hope", Available on Amazon

My dear friends and readers, I am extremely happy and excited to share some great news with you today – my new book of poetry, Despair and Hope, has just been released. The book was published in May 2024 and is available on Amazon in Canada, the US, the UK, Continental Europe, Australia, Japan. The Kindle ebook edition of Despair and Hope will be released this coming June 2024.

About the book

Despair and Hope by Canadian writer and poet Victoria West is a collection of poetry dedicated to our human spirit and resilience. It’s a book inspired by the current post-pandemic times we live in. The poems reflect the social unrest of recent years, such as culture wars, the war in Ukraine, the post-pandemic struggles of humanity. Part I, “Despair”, captures a range of darker feelings and emotions, which are brought back to light in Part II, “Hope”.

About the author

Victoria West started writing about fashion in Toronto when she founded the blog FashionStyleBeautyandMore.blogspot.com in 2010, which later became VictoriaWest.net. She has written as a fashion contributor for various online and print publications in Canada, the US, and Romania for a decade (2010-2020). In 2020, she started writing poetry as a reaction to the global pandemic. Victoria is the author of three books – Bits of Fashion (essays and interviews, 2013), Sunset in Toronto (poetry, 2021), and Despair and Hope (poetry, 2024). Originally from Europe, Victoria West has been a resident of Toronto for many years now, where she lives with her husband and son.

Official website: VictoriaWest.net

I hope you'll enjoy my new book! Please check it out on Amazon (links below). Please also help spread the love and consider writing a book review or posting an opinion about my book of poetry Despair and Hope on Amazon, GoodReads, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, or any other social media platforms.

Thank you for your support!
Amazon.ca – Despair and Hope

Amazon.com – Despair and Hope

Amazon.co.uk – Despair and Hope

Photo credit: Victoria West

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