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Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day from Isabelle Grace Jewelry

It’s never too early to think about spoiling the amazing mother in your life! This year, shower mom for Mother's Day (May 13th 2012) with jewelry that is as beautiful and as elegant as she is. Isabelle Grace Jewelry ( offers jewelry collections that are unique and personalized for each and every mom. Customized with names, dates and special messages, these necklaces and rings let mom keep her beloveds close to her heart at all times. Don’t just order another bouquet of flowers; give mom something extra special this year.

Bella Vita necklace ($255) reminds us how motherhood is transforming. Just like a butterfly goes through several stages of transformation, so do women starting as new moms.

Delaney necklace ($125) is demure and sophisticated, reminding us of classic Hollywood icons like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Delaney necklace comes in sterling silver or vermeil, and you can accent it with your favorite stones.

Delilah necklace ($140). Part of the Hollywood vintage collection, Delilah features a timeless look and feel with beautifully engraved charms accented by your choice of semi-precious stones. Delilah is set in sterling silver or vermeil.

Hello Sunshine necklace ($130) is a great way to celebrate moms! Featuring a beautifully handcrafted sterling silver sun charm with the message “Oh Happy Day” on the front and “When You Came” on the back, this piece is sure to make you smile. It is especially good for adoptive moms, but will make any mom remember the special day their little one arrived.

Little Love necklace ($85) is the perfect sweetheart gift for anyone who wants to wear a cherished keepsake. Worn as a dangle, this charm is perfect for wearing solo adding to an existing necklace. Or, you can add a funky modern twist by wearing as a stationary charm necklace.

Circle of Love necklace ($185) says who you love with your special message inscribed by hand and enhanced with cubic zircons or birthstones. Like the circle itself, a mother’s love is never ending and wraps around her children completely. Allow her to display her un-ending love proudly around her neck.

Little Moon tag necklace ($130) is hand-inscribed with your loved one’s name and topped with a beautiful brushed matte finish. Add a stone charm to make it completely unique and one-of-a-kind, just like the woman wearing it.

Over the Moon necklace ($158). This beautiful charm necklace features the “Over the Moon” charm in sterling silver and 22kt gold with the message “Over The” on the front and “In Love” on the back and one gold letter initial. This sentiment perfectly describes how every mom feels about her children.

Name Charm Necklace with Gold Heart ($150). A great classic piece and a best seller! Charms are completely made and inscribed by hand of (.999) fine silver. The look is completed by applying a brushed matte finish. A favorite among Hollywood mommies, including Katherine Heigl, Danica McKellar and Jenna Fischer.

The Script Tall tags ($185) feature your special names/word and dates on the front and the back hand-inscribed with unique script handwriting. Edgy and chunky, these tags are modern and cool.

Signature Initial Dog tags ($195). The swanky version of the classic dog tag. The Signature style lettering is in 22kt gold on a textured chain with the outline star charm in sterling silver. Add the initials of all your beloveds.

Signature mini tag ($125) is a sweet, fine silver initial tag accented with a sparkling cubic zirconia. Personalize this necklace with your own special initials and charms. Whether you have one child or several, there is an initial for all of them!

Sweet Hearts Name charm necklace ($135). Sweet Heart tags are custom made of fine (.999) silver and inscribed by hand on the front and back. A brushed matte finish gives it a unique look. Like the kids who hold your heart, these heart-shaped charms represent your special love for them. Add a gold heart stone to capture her heart.

Camilla necklace ($335). This beautiful charm necklace features 3 pieces: the “Mama, Bebe, Amor” tag – the Portuguese words for mommy, baby, love; medium-sized, hand-written name disc accented with cubic zirconias (back can be personalized as well); and tiny heart tag with a 22kt gold heart, big enough for initials or 3 letters. Accented with ruby stones or your choice of stone.

Christina necklace ($385). This beautiful charm necklace features 3 pieces: round tag with the word “Love” in 22kt gold (this piece is double-sided, the front and back are mirror images); “Fleur de Lis” tag accented with 22kt gold (personalize the back with your message, it can fit up to three lines of text, 9 letters per line); and deluxe birthstone “Mini” (you can choose your “Mini” initial and birthstone, accented with 22kt gold).

Love locket ($285). This piece is gorgeous and sure to garner lots of attention. Hanging off a 14kt gold-filled doubled chain you’ll find a handmade (.999) fine silver “locket” style pendant that can be customized with your special message. The heart on the front of the pendant is painted with 22kt gold and inside you’ll find cubic zirconia accents. Make it uniquely yours by adding your own personalized message.

Hammered Initials necklace ($36) is a new, edgy way to show off the ones you love. For moms who have an extra flare the hammered look is handmade and adds a distressed effect. Great alone or layer with baubles or stones.

Vermeil Minis ($55). With a super high polish finish, they make for a sweetly sophisticated look. They look great layered or several worn together. Work in your favorite stones for a dash of color. This piece is a favorite of Victoria Beckham’s.

Date Heart charm necklace ($95) is the perfect gift for the mom-to-be. This piece can feature baby’s due date and is made by hand of fine (.999) silver and 22kt gold. Fits up to 6 letters/numbers.

Bebe Mama Amor tag ($95). Portuguese for Baby, Mommy, Love. This piece is meant to symbolize the special bond between a Mom and her Baby.

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  3. They are cute, but I would never buy them for my mother. Maybe younger moms would enjoy them. My mom is pestering me to get her some BC jade jewelry.

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      You know which of them I like the most? The last one, Bebe Mama Amor tag, or the Camilla necklace, because it has the Bebe Mama Amor tag plus 2 other pieces, and on one of them I could put my baby's name. This Bebe Mama Amor necklace idea is so sweet! If I were to buy one of these jewelries for myself, this would be the one. :)


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