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Monday, April 23, 2012

This Spring We Are in Love with Color

Spring is one of the most exciting times of the year. Besides the actual warm weather that all of us longed for during the cold winter months, it’s the time when we go for shopping again, renewing and reinventing our wardrobes, making plans for new outfits, embracing new trends.

My favorite trend for this season is Color Blocking. I love color, I feel inspired by color, I feel I can stand out of the crowd when I wear color. Ever since the Color Blocking made its way from runways to stores and then to our wardrobes last spring-summer season (remember the colorful 2011?), I hopelessly fell in love with this trend. And I assure you it’s not just a casual “fling”, it’s love for a lifetime. I still can’t forget Gucci’s Spring-Summer collection from last year with its colorful outfits that brought so much life on runways. My very favorites have been two of Gucci’s outfits from the collection that changed the world of fashion for a long time – one of them was the orange blazer with the purple top and emerald green pants, accessorized with the gold belt (worn by Camilla Belle); and the other one was the butterfly dress with the purple top and orange bottom (worn by Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence).

This trend inspired me so much, that it made me re-think my entire wardrobe. Like many other people, I have had my years of black and black only, black from head to toe. But that was a log time ago, during my high-school and university years to be more exact, when black was my second nature. But no more. This time, Color Blocking has become my second nature. So what did I do? I didn’t buy the Gucci outfits I felt in love with, but I used them as inspiration for my own wardrobe and my own style. Last summer you could see me wear an orange blazer form H&M and a purple sleeved top from Suzy Shier, or some other times a purple strap top from Zara, with pants or a pencil skirt. It may not be the acclaimed Gucci outfit from the runways of Milan, but it made me feel good about myself for the entire year. Needless to say, my friends appreciated and admired my new colorful style.

So it became official – 2011 marked the beginning of the Color Era. Black is soooo last century! Or, I guess we could also say “Color Blocking is the new Black”!

Then the Fall-Winter season of 2011/2012 came along, and Color Blocking was still there. Dozens and dozens of exquisite colorful outfits showed off on the fashion runways across the globe – New York, London, Paris, Milan, Toronto. It was unbelievable. Gucci did it yet again, with irresistible outfits in bright colors, and so did many other European and North American designers. Forget about black for winter, it’s color time all year long!

And here we are again – it’s a new spring, a new season, new trends. But Color Blocking has not gone away like many other trends do once their season is over. It’s still here, on runways, in fashion and style magazines, in department stores, in our wardrobes. And I want it to stay and stay, because I truly love it. This spring, Color Blocking is here for us, to brighten our days, both literally and figuratively. And the good thing about it is that you don’t have to splurge on too many new and expensive outfits. The beauty of the color trend is that it’s so versatile, that you can adapt it using what you already have in your closet. Surely there are many outfits in different colors in your wardrobe – wear it and enjoy it baby.

I wish you all a happy and a colorful springtime!


  1. Love bold combinations of colour too, just a little too shy to wear it!
    Thanks for your comment, really true what you said. It was very ill-planned that both movies came out within the same year and in 4 months of each other.

    1. Hi Sam, Thanks for stopping by, lovely to see you here. :)
      Have a great week ahead!


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